Jay Z Post New Photo of Baby Blue Playing UNO

Earlier today Jay Z posted a picture of baby Blue Ivy on his website, Lifeandtimes.com, playing UNO. And of course the Internet is a buzz. Mainly because this picture, like all pictures of Baby Blue, is dark and doesn’t reveal the baby’s face. Most people are tired of the teasing that Jayonce is doing with all the blurry pics of Blue. If they aren’t going to show her then don’t take a picture at all. What do you think? Are they teasing us or are they being their normal, extra secretive selves? Do you mind the blurry pics as long as they are sharing a piece of their life or do you want the pics to stop? Here is a picture of the exact same photo of Baby Blue but lightened by a fan on Instagram.


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(Photo: www.lifeandtimes.com)