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Super Sexy Beyonce Graces GQ Magazine Cover, February 2012 Edition


Ladies and gentlemen Mrs. Beyonce is back! After taking a hiatus after having Baby Blue, it is clear that the singer is back and hasn’t seem to miss a beat. With a multimillion deal from Pepsi, performing at this year’s Super Bowl, self directing her own HBO documentary, and gearing for a new CD to drop, Beyonce is definitely in the zone. This picture of a toned Bey on the cover of GQ magazine has sent the Internet a buzz. The picture was leaked earlier on Instagram by a fan, but no one has confirmed if this is the actual cover. But if it is, let’s talk about it. Do you think that Bey’s look is too racy for her? Since she has had daughter Blue we have gotten a chance to see a more stylish and subdued version of Beyonce. Could she be doing this type of cover to compete with the younger generation of entertainers, ie. Rihanna? Or could she just be trying to show us that she has a banging body? After having Blue, there has been much talk of the singer gaining weight and not being able to get her figure back. Well, obviously she has quieted you all with this cover. Either way I’m sure we can all appreciate the fact that Beyonce is back and she is coming with a vengeance. I’m rocking with you all the way Bey!

(Photo: Beyonce/Instagram)


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