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New Year Makeover Contest 2013



How would you like to start your New Year’s off with a complete makeover and exclusive photo shoot? Well, if you are interested, this contest is for you. Let me first introduce you to the three beautiful, talented, and intelligent women that are going to take you through this makeover journey. Ronesia Barrs, Saran Lawson, and Aisha Lawson.

Ronesia Barrs is a celebrity hair stylist that resides in Atlanta, GA. A wife and mother of two boys, Ronesia has studied at Dayton State College and now collaborates with others to create beautiful looks during fashion shoots and shows.

Saran Lawson is a celebrity make up artist who also resides in Atlanta, GA. She studied at Valdosta State University and currently works as a make up artist.

Aisha Lawson, the sister of Saran Lawson, is a celebrity hair stylist who also lives in Atlanta, GA. Aisha studied at Georgia State University and is currently working as a hair stylist.

Here are a few samples of their work:

(Remake of The Woman With A Pearl Necklace)

(The Girl With a Pearl Necklace)

Now for the rules of the contest. Simply go to the ladies business pages on Facebook(Ronesia Barrs Hair Artistry, Saran Lawson Makeup Artistry, and Aisha Lawson Celebrity Hair Stylist) and like their pages. Also like CottenKandi’s Facebook page as well. Then go to the ladies Twitter pages and add them (@ronesiabarrs, @saranIam, @msaishaiman, @cottenkandi, and @jstjeanine). And that’s it! The winner will be chosen on January 21st and will win a free makeover which includes a haircut, style, and makeup plus a glam photoshoot. This is a local contest for the Atlanta region. Ladies don’t hesitate to enter!

Check out more from Jeanine Nicole at www.justjeaninenicole.com

Photo Credits:

1st picture-(Photographer: Chirasak Rattanapanyakum, MAU: Mikel Cain and Adebola Oyeku, Hairstylist: Ronesia Barrs, Wardrobe Stylist: Christine Miller, Model: Samantha McMahan)

4th picture-(Photographer: Ivan Ivanov)

7th picture-(Photographer: Chirasak Rattanapanyakum, MUA: Mikel Cain and Saran Lawson, Hairstylist: Ronesia Barrs, Model: Brittany Hellmeister)

8th picture-(Artist: Jan Vermeer)



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