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Chris Brown Says, “It’s Good To Be Me” On Being Back With Rihanna (Video)


Chris Brown speaks for the first time on his rekindled romance with girlfriend Rihanna. He says “it’s just good to be me man” when paparazzi asked how he’s feeling about being back with Ms. Fenty upon exiting Roxbury nightclub in LA.

He was also accompanied by Ne-Yo. Check out the video below.

Okay that guy ranting was annoying.

But how cute is that. Guess he got that old thing back huh?


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  • T-Baby

    I love Chris but that cigarette gots to go….

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  • Sarah

    Chris and Rihanna are the only ones who approve of this stupid relationship.

  • Annemarie

    It may be good to be Chris Brown but it is not so good to be Rihanna. The girls needs to grow a brain and kick this dude to the curb STAT!

  • Lol. Young and in love I suppose. I was once a fool in love too. I just wish them the best and that they’ve grown up to never allow violence in their relationship again. Just never okay! Just wished they didn’t smoke so much. Chris needs to lay off the tattoos. No more please! And the blond hair. Smh