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First Dumb Celebrity Decision of 2013: Lil’ Wayne Tattoos His Face!


In celebrity dumbassness, Lil’ Wayne gets “Baked” tattooed on his face! I’m not sure what it is about celebrities that when they go from being regular people to being rich and famous that they then decide since they no longer have regular problems they create their own. Rich people troubles. Like Lil’ Gremlin for instance. He knows he’s wrong for doing that to his forehead. He’s baked alright. Was probably baked when he got it done.

Doesn’t Lil Tunechi have a child support check to write or something? When did he even find the time for this foolery with all the kids he has?!

It must be nice to not have regular problems like rent I guess. Wasting your money on this foolery. Then again….some ya’ll just might.

What are your thoughts? Dumb, stupid or the epitome of idiotic?


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  • I wonder at the intelligence of this dude. When he grows up to be a big boy I wonder how he is going to feel about have “Baked” inked on his head…..

  • Wow that is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen!

  • sheshe

    I think he is all of the things you stated ” Dumb, stupid and the epitome of idiotic.” WOW, i swear!!