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A Look Back: The 20 Most Memorable Moments of 2012


Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy: Baby Blue Ivy was born nearly a year ago, January 7th, to mega-stars Jay Z and Beyonce. She’s already been featured on a single and been named the most famous baby in the world.

The death of Whitney Houston: We lost the legendary Whitney Houston on February 11th 2012. Such a devastation to the music industry and a tragic ending to her life. She was just 48. We miss you Nippy. R.I.P.

Trayvon Martin shooting death: The heartless shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman sparked a movement of young black men and women sporting hoodies to pay their respects and bring awareness to the injustice caused by his untimely death.

Did we find Kony?: Some of us still aren’t sure who the hell Kony is and what this was all about but Kony 2012 was a movement created by the Invisible Children organization to bring awareness to the abduction of children who are forced into guerrilla warfare by Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony is still uncaptured but a 30minute documentary went viral March 2012 sparked the interest of the United States about his actions; an accomplishment for the organization in letting this story be known.

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson cheating scandal: We didn’t forget but just in case you did, Kristen Stewart is a moron. Not only did she cheat on poor Rob but she did it so publicly and with a married man! Americas most beloved vampire couple was no more and little girls around the world wept. Lucky for her Rob took her back (what a sucker) because who really would have wanted her then huh?

Ratchet reality television at its finest: Introducing Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, and Mimi Faust‘s love triangle that shocked reality television. Who would let their child’s mother and girlfriend find out he’s sleeping with his artist on national television? Stevie J would. And who would continue to date a man who’d do that? MiMi Faust. And whose riding Stevie J’s bus until the wheels falls off (or his money), Joseline Hernandez. And how can we forget those Stevie faces?! These clowns were hilariously entertaining. The ladies of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ (Kenya Moore to be exact) came close to getting our ratchet TV award but Stevie J certainly takes the cake! We can’t wait for 2013!

Bus drivers dishing out whop asses!: Several videos went viral of altercations between city bus drivers and female passengers but it was the very first one that had people in an uproar. Cleveland City male bus driver, Artis Hughes,  attacked a female passenger, Shi’dea Lane, after the two got in a very heated altercation. Th driver delivered a powerful blow uppercutting the victim. He was later suspended and ultimately lost his job over the entire ordeal.

The death of Donna Summer: Unfortunately we loss another legend Miss Donna Summer in May after she succumbed to lung cancer. She will forever be remembered as the disco queen! She was only 63. May she rest in peace.

Nicki and Mariah had beef: What in the world? This had to be a stunt spare-headed by American Idol right? Well, perhaps not. Although rumors suggested there were some strife between the two divas, it wasn’t until a video of Nicki Minaj making threats to Mariah Carey went viral that made this celebrity beef all too real. Although they’ve since done interviews and Twitter rants only to make nice it’s believed there’s still some tension between the two ladies. Guess we won’t know until the new season of American Idol begins huh?

Amber & Wiz got engaged & pregnant: Aren’t they adorable? Not only did Wiz propose to his lady love this year several months later they were knocked up. Wiz later revealed Amber had a miscarriage but wanted a baby so bad they had to try again. Congrats guys.

The 2012 Olympics, Gabby Douglas makes history!:Gabby Douglas became the first African American gymnast to win the individual gold medal for a female gymnast and the first person to win both the group and individual gold medals for the 2012 Olympics. There was a bit of fuss over her un-kept hair but whose all that worried when you’re making history huh?

The Chrianna love Triangle!: Could ya’ll keep up? It was hard to wasn’t it? From their “Birthday Cake” remixes, Twitter exchanges, a brief Rihanna & Chris feud then a reconciliation, Chris’ public break-up with Karrueche Tran and that video confession. To the infamous Chris Brown and Drake bottle throwing in the club fiasco, Rihanna’s interview with Oprah where she confesses her love for Chris, Chris possibly getting back together with Karrueche, a slew of photos & sightings of Chris and Rihanna together. And most recently their Thanksgiving reunion in Berlin and THEN they’re sitting court side canoodling at a Lakers game on Christmas Day! And despite what ya’ll think, Karrueche is now a celebrity. Even if it is by default. No, she’s not going any where. Took us a while to admit too. But man, wasn’t it all entertaining?! Can’t wait to see what Chrianna has in store for us in 2013.

Jelena: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez can’t decide if they’re together or broken up. And they still can’t. That is all.

Taylor Swift dates a lot! Taylor Swift isn’t falling out the club in a drunken stupor, caught smoking weed, on prescription drugs, dresses half naked, or cusses like a sailor but she sure gets around….hmmmm. The only virgin we know with such an active dating life don’t yuh think? How many guys have she dated this year alone? We’ve lost count. Can you tell us. But she does it with so much class. Lol. Maybe this time it’ll work for you and One Directions’ Harry Styles. If not, there’s always a song you can write about it. Good luck.

Gangnam Style Sensation: Psy happened! This Asian persuasion took the Unites States by storm with his Gangnam Style dance and single. It was all the rave! And boy can he shake it. This song and dance is still hot by the way. You know you’ve tried doing it in the mirror a few times or two. It’s okay we haven’t gotten it down quite yet either.

The Colorado Movie Theater Massacre: James Holmes shot up a movie theater in Colorado at the premiere of ‘The Dark Night Rises’ back in July. He was believed to be acting as the movie character, The Joker. He’s still awaiting trial and has been declared mentally insane. 12 victims were killed. May they rest in peace.

The headbutt heard around the world by Chad Johnson to then wife Evelyn Lozada: Well, where do we start. They should have kept it under wraps. The sensationalism, interviews, tattoo, twitter rants, tears cried, divorce filing and promises to be better people could have been avoided. All for nothing. Just to get back together. Hmmm….good luck.

The President was re-elected (Election 2012): Four more years! Congratulations President Barack Obama. Although it was a close race between you and Governor Mitt Romney, the American people have spoken. Four more years!!!

Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast: Hurricane Sandy devastating the east cost in late October crippling businesses, the transit system, damaging homes, electricity was lost and leaving behind billion of dollars in clean up efforts. In the weeks that followed gas became scares, people became homeless and anguished and some people lost their jobs. The people most affected are still ramaging through damaged property and faced with difficulties of resuming to the life they had before. Donations are still needed to help those get their lives back on track. Please visit SandyRelief.org to find out how you can help.

The end of the ‘Jersey Shore’: As if the timing couldn’t be worst. As the Jersey Shore was badly damaged as a result of Hurricane Sandy, the ‘Jersey Shore’ reality show was also ending. No more Snooki and The Situation, Ron & Sammi, Vinny, Paul D and JWoww! All good things must come to an end and these guys are one of them. Thanks for entertaining us these past several years.

Lindsay Lohan is still a train wreck : Lindsay was a wreck last year, the year before that and nothing’s changed this year. Well, more car accidents than we care to remember and arrests that have followed but whose keeping score? We hope she gets the help she needs. Can we say intervention?!

The Newport, CT Sandy Elementary Shooting: In mid December, 26 lives were lost when a Newport, CT man shot up an elementary school killing 23 children and 3 adults, including his own mother. No one can make sense of any of this, still. It was announced today that classes will resume, this week, for the first time since the tragic shooting.

And finally, Kimye not only made their debut in 2012 but they’re pregnant!: Earlier in the year, after Amber Rose called it and revealed Kanye cheated with Kim when they dated, Kimye went public with their romance. From fashion shows in Paris and Milan, movie dates and all else in between the couple announced on New Year’s Eve they are expecting! Congrats guys.

Did we miss anything? What were some of your most memorable moments of 2012?


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