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Sheree Whitfield Faces More Financial Woes, Lawyers Sues Her For Over $100K


Sheree Sheree Sheree….hun, you just can’t see to catch a break huh? Adding to her long list of financial woes to reality star has become known for, Sheree Whitfield is being sued for $119,674 for unpaid legal from the law firm who represented her during her divorce back in 2010.

During the time she and ex-husband Bob Whitfield were in the midst of a divorce Sheree enlisted Weinstock & Scavo law firm to represent her.

According to documents, Sheree only paid $69k to W&S for services rendered, but never paid the remaining $96k, Her reason? She believes the firm had been overcharging her.

Unfortunately for Whitfield, however, a judge recently sided with W & S and ordered the reality star to pay a total of $119, 674. The original $96k plus interest. Ouch!

Doesn’t she know you can’t toy with lawyers when it comes to their money? Get it together Ms. Whitfield, please…

Source: TMZ


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