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Justin Bieber Gets New “Praying Hands” & Rose Tattoo


Justin Bieber has added to his tattoo collection. He revealed to fans, via Instagram, the enhancement he’s made to his already existing “praying hands” tattoo on his lower left leg. He released this below photo where he has added roses below the hands clasps in prayer.

The tattoo alongside another spiritual tattoo he got back in January of Jesus’ head. Yeah, the one we weren’t too fond of. He also has Jesus’ name written in Hebrew on his left rib cage. We’re guessing Jesus is his homie.

The new tat makes seven to the stars collection. Just this year alone he’s gotten a total of five. And just this past September he revealed a crown tattoo on his chest. He also the word “Believe” written in one of his forearms, a bird symbol of his hip (a family tradition), and he has a small Japanese symbol inside his right arm which means “music”.

We just hope he’s not going to become the next singer to cover his entire body in ink art. At that point it gets really tasteless.

To see all seven of Justin’s tats head over to Zimbio.com.


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