Chad Johnson Gets His Wish, Sex Tape Snatched Off The Net

Well congratulations “little Ochocinco”, we mean, Chad Johnson. Your peen will officially be taken off the net for all eyes not to see.

Johnson issued a seize and dismiss letter, courtesy of his lawyer, to two websites who felt it was their obligation to share the sex tape he made in a Florida hotel room three years ago. Although the tape was a brief clip and not the full visual Chad was adamant about getting it taken down!

Perhaps he felt the tape didn’t present him in a good light or his “performance” wasn’t all that great. Well, that’s exactly what his on-again lover, Evelyn Lozada, seems to think so. In response to some Twitter followers, she dished on what she really thought of the sex tape and even use the word boring to describe it.

Well, congrats little ocho. Hmmm….for now anyway. Because we’re pretty sure the video is still lurking around somewhere.


  • T-Baby

    yeahhh okay…


  • Yazmar

    I saw that mess, and it was nothing to get hyped up about. smh! I’m sure someone has uploaded the video somewhere else.

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  • Ms. Toni

    Exactly what I think too.

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