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Is She Serious?! Ne-Yo’s Ex-Non Baby Mother Sues Him!


Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Ne-Yo‘s ex-girlfriend, Jesseca White, the same woman that lied to him about the paternity of his eldest son is suing him for defamation of character and breaking a gag order they had in place.

Back in September Ne-yo’s ‘Behind The Music’ episode aired where he discussed finding out his then girlfriend, Jesseca White, had fathered a child, the son he believed to be was his, with another man. Because his name was listed on the birth certificate and he was recognized as the father under California law he was forced to fork over $575,000 to White. Ne-Yo alleged Jesseca disappeared after the settlement and he was no longer able to have a relationship with the little boy.

Now, White has enlisted the infamous Gloria Allred to represent her.

TMZ reports, “Now, Gloria Allred has fired off a letter to Ne-Yo accusing him of breaking the agreement. Allred claims that because Ne-Yo falsely painted Jesseca as a harlot who lied, broke his heart and then vanished … Jesseca has been defamed, ridiculed and harassed.

According to the letter, Jesseca has been unable to work, was forced to file for state aid, suffers from mental anguish and is “beset by nausea, vomiting and hair loss” thanks to Ne-Yo’s remarks.

Jesseca is asking Ne-Yo to settle the matter amicably out of court (cough, cough $$$$) … otherwise she’ll be forced to pursue more serious legal options.

This can’t be life! Gloria Allred has to be a man hater. Why would she continue to represent women who out themselves in situations to be exploited and have also chosen to use famous men for financial gain? What world are these women living in? So sad.

Spotted: Miss Jia

(Photo: juicymagonline.com)


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