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Evelyn Lozada & Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Rekindle Romance?


It looks like Evelyn Lozada and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson have reunited! Although the reality star and pro football player have yet to make their first public appearance together, since they’re fall out and public break up, after Johnson’s assault on Lozada back in August, the couple are rumored to be back together. And although the assault was followed by a string of court appearances, interviews, a cancelled reality show and divorce it wasn’t enough to deter Lozada from reuniting with her ex apparently. It even resulted in Johnson being released from his Miami Dolphins contract. But is anyone really surprised?

They’re reunion has been predicted for weeks following Lozada’s decision to lift the restraining order she had against her ex-husband in October.  The couple, who are also very active tweeters, have even been giving fans clues that yes they have reunited. Lozada celebrated her birthday earlier in the month and retweeted a follower with this below photo attached where she’s seen at her birthday celebration.

And who is that standing right in front of her? It appears to be Chad Johnson, whose face is slightly turned away from the camera.

Perhaps they’ve decided to start over. After all they’re July 4th wedding resulted in a marriage that only lasted a mere 6 weeks. And perhaps Evelyn’s appearance on Iyanla Vanzant‘s life intervention show ‘Fix My Life has made a positive change in her life. When asked why she decided to divorce Chad and enforce a restraining order she’s stated she wanted to stay strong for her 19 year old daughter and step-daughter (Chad’s daughter) in order to be a better example for them and young girls watching her. Guess she had a change of heart.

What are your thoughts? Should Chad and Evelyn get back together? Do you even care?

(Photos: Evelyn Lozada/Ochocinco/Twitter)


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  • Niki

    Evelyn is Full of shit and what type of example is she setting for her daughter, step-daughter or young girls watching her or just women in general. Women like Evelyn i don’t feel sorry for at all. Every thing she does is for her to stay in the spot light. She cried abuse so she can get back her 3mins of fame and now she back with her abuser. Iyanla waste her time with her because she still a little girl in a grown woman body and in my opinion she will never learn.Women like her are just a waste of time and life.

  • RavenDecor

    Well there are pictures on Media Takeout of Chad having sex with another chick so Evelyn IDK about you and Chad girl :(