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Say What?! RHOA Husband Kordell Stewart May Be Gay!


Retired NFL Player, Kordell Stewart married to Porsha Stewart of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is rumored to be on the down low.

Persistent rumors of his homosexual activities became widely known, so much so, Kordell even chose to end his NFL career prematurely.

Find out all the details when you continue reading over at Yazmar.com.

(Photo: Yazmar.com)


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  • naybesa

    i feel bad for them, i feel like everything was perfect for them until they did this show. now look at them. im pretty sure he’s not gay but things like this is why i dont understand why people like her do shows like this.

  • this is koo -ws

  • king frost

    WTF!! well then again i could c it lol nah i dont think he is #Chilly

  • DOUGLAS Morgan

    Maybe that’s why Kordell treats Portia so bad, because she keeping him away from his “birlfriend”. Something is very wrong when a husband won’t let his wife get a word in any conversations. Is that his phone way of showing how macho he is?

  • WTF!

    That’s why he overeacts and try to be so macho and controlling. He really a gay softy on the inside dying to be kissed and caressed by a man.

  • Mike

    Well Porsha looks like a dude, maybe a tranny. Let those 2 dudes have fun. DLB