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T.I. Says Chris Brown Couldn’t Date His Daughter Regarding Rihanna Abuse (Video)


It’s not what you think guys. T.I. meant no harm with his recent statements regarding Rihanna and Chris Brown.

During a recent interview with ‘The View’s’ Joy Behar on her own show T.I. discussed his own troubles with the law before commenting on Chris Brown and Rihanna’ s rekindled relationship. On whether he would allow his daughter to date a guy like Chris Brown after he had assaulted her T.I. says, “Absolutely not.”

He then adds, “But if she’s grown what can I really do?”

He also says, “I know they have a lot of genuine love for one another. I don’t think either of them would leave the other and go somewhere else and find someone to make them as happy as the other. ”

In the same interview T.I. says that getting in trouble with the law has ironically made him more famous. He says, “I don’t want to bring any glamour because I went to prison but I must admit I’m a lot popular now. When you’re on CNN and MSNBC and all these things you can’t buy that kind of publicity.” However, he says if he could do it again he would definitely give it all back.

Check out T.I.’s full interview where he also talks about his family and his success with Joy Behar below.

Source: Joy Baher/Current TV


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