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Rick Ross Dismiss Rumors He Cancelled Tour Over Gang Threats


What happens when you’re a self proclaimed “boss” who cancels his tour over threats by actual gang members? Deny, deny deny! Rick Ross did just that during his recent interview with WEDR-FM’s “99 Jamz”.

Rick Ross and MMG stopped by the radio show to discuss his recent feud with “Gangster Disciples”. He says their cancelled shows were due to the misconduct of the show promoters in handling the business side of things and not due to threats by the gang.

Check out what Rick Ross had to say when you

My conclusion? Lies! Rick doesn’t want to appear “soft” to his fans. Perhaps he shouldn’t give off the image that he’s a gangsta.

(Photo: Twitter/Rick Ross)


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  • dj doleak

    is he sure about that. S.R.

  • LDL

    He’s a clown

  • Clearly he is.