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Rick Ross Cancels North Carolina Shows Over Death Threats


Guess the Teflon Don ain’t so tough after all. Rick Ross decided to cancel his North Carolina shows after receiving death threats.

Ross, reacting to a YouTube video posted by Gangster Disciples, decided it wouldn’t be worth it to take the stage and has even taken the steps towards refunding money for fans that have already purchased tickets.

According to the video, Gangster Disciples (a gang) didn’t like that Ross shouted out their mob boss in a “dishonorable fashion” in the lyrics to one of his songs on the ‘Black Bar Mitzvah’ mixtape he released a few months ago. They also claim they dont like Rozay’s use of the Star of David that the gang uses as a symbol.

Maybe rappers should stop retending to be actual gangsters and they won’t have this problem. Catch the full story and Gangster Disciples’ video over at Urban Informer

(Photo: Rick Ross/Twitter)


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  • Crunkatlanta


  • UnsungHipHop.Com

    LOL….really I didn’t know gangsters get scared….Biggie wouldn’t have cancelled ….lol Oh that’s right he’s not gangsta he’s an actor…modern day MC Gusto….CB4….(UnsungHipHop.Com)

  • mzchifab

    Gangstas don’t get scared parole officers do. LOL

  • sassy24

    all nonsense from ignorant people

  • T-Baby

    lol at the comments…He continued his show in Miami though with Diddy and all

  • DJ Eternity

    he shouldn’t have dissed a nation wide gang on wax trying be something he’s not

  • Jae Renee

    See what happens when you try to play a role you weren’t cut out for? Now whatcha gon’ do RICKY!?