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Rapper Tyga Loses His Street Cred In Never Seen Before MTV Special (Video) Hilarious!


Long before Young Money rapper Tyga became the “Rack City” rapper filled with tats that we’ve come to know, he was just a rapper on the come up. In an MTV special that never aired, hosted by Kurupt, he reveals he’s not so Compton like he’d like people to believe. He even brags his mom drove a Range Rover and he had a pretty decent life. Check out this hilarious video of the special that never aired, until now of course, courtesy of TMZ.

Very funny!

why do rappers try so hard to be gangsta? Tyga that was a no no!

(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)


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  • Crunkatlanta

    it must be my computer— the video size is huge

  • Mzchifab

    LOL I didn’t know he had street cred!

  • djdoleak

    that might be it for him. lol. S.R.

  • Nesha

    Wow, it’s like you’re watching a bad movie. For some reason I feel like I remember this show… minus Tyga of course.

  • You’re right I feel I like I remember this show too but not this episode. Lol

  • Apparently he did. Lol

  • treypeezy

    who said he was street -TP of OceanviewBLVD.com

  • SFDotNet

    Everyone talks how real they are, this and that, and then get caught up with something like this. People will be more attracted to an artist if they are just open and honest from the get-go. Don’t get left looking like a lying assclown.


  • sassy24

    Majority of these rappers don’t have street cred

  • Roscoe #187 #95likethat Perez

    Tyga (T-raww) has motivated me very well i wanted to become a rapper, i live well and i want to express my music to people too. Tyga if you read this, thank you for making music :) you really changed my life, i wish one day i can meet you and your son too
    i think i know one of your nephews too he came to gary job corps