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Yet Another Chris Brown & Rihanna Pic! What Would Music Be Without These Kids?


“What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?” It’s the question Chris Brown posed when he posted this photo of himself and Rihanna on Instagram (IG).

The pair seem to be lounging around and smoking in the latest collection of Chrianna intimate photos. Although Rihanna has been more active in releasing some private photos of them this is Chris’ first time posting any photos of them together.

It was just earlier in the week when Rihanna presumably confirmed their on-again relationship with the leak on a photo where they were embraced in each other’s arms.

speaking of Rihanna. Here’s her latest photo believe to be for or about Brown.

She recently tweeted, “He told me ‘You better not give it away’,” with this IG photo attachment.

Oh? Okay.

Guess, it’s everybody’s business afterall.


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