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Murder/Suicide Occurs After Trey Songz Concert


This morning the Internet was on buzz over the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Jovan Belcher. Not because of his athletic ability, but because of a tragic event that took place early this morning. Kasandra Perkins was killed by boyfriend Belcher, shortly after coming home from a Trey Songz concert. Belcher then, reportedly, drove to Arrowhead Stadium and committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager. Belcher was 25 and Perkins was 22. According to Perkins friend, the couple had been dating for about three years but she never saw any type of physical abuse even though they argued frequently. Perkins was out late after attending the concert and the couple allegedly argued about this. Trey Songz took to Twitter to comment on the event stating:

“I don’t delete tweets, nor am I insensitive to death. I had no knowledge of the murder/suicide incident until now and even still….”

“As sad as it may be, it has nothing to do with me. Sending prayers up to the families and friends of the people involved.”

I agree with Trey. While this situation is extremely unfortunate, it has nothing to do with him. I have read a few articles on this situation and am appalled at how people are trying to spin this thing. Let’s not forget that two people are dead and there are families that are impacted by this. Belcher’s mother was reportedly at the home during the shooting and she was watching the couples 3 month old daughter. Members of the sports world have also shown their condolences on Twitter as well.

“I am devastated by this mornings events. I want to send my thoughts and prayers out to everyone effected by this tragedy.” Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali (@TambaHali91)

“Times like this you have to pray!!! I love you man, brothers for life!!!!”  Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster (þ@dextermccluster)

“I am devastated and heart broken. I’m sending prayers out to everyone involved. Always show love and never be afraid to talk.#Valuelife”  Chiefs offensive lineman Jeff Allen (@JeffAllen71)

“The Oakland Raiders are empathizing with the Chiefs organization… Our hearts are wounded by such an unimaginable tragedy in our NFL family. We will continue to pray for everyone involved.” Oakland Raiders (@raiders)

“Heartbreaking – KC chiefs player commits suicide after killing his girlfriend – So tragic – PLEASE- I BEG u if DEPRESSED – GET HELP !” | Sportscaster Dick Vitale (þ@DickieV)

(Image from vlssportysexycool.com)


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  • This is just so sad! May they rest in peace.

  • Louis

    wow thats sad

  • Jaymee

    wow, this was unexpected. r.i.p to both.

  • SFDotNet

    Wow, this is so sad.


  • RapHead.com™ (@RapHead)

    Damn she can’t kick it dude?!?!

  • Louis


  • RapHead.com™ (@RapHead)

    Just don’t start this multiple head blows motive for these dudes blowing they brains out. The NFL is gonna be shut down! They weren’t blowing they brains out back in the day!!! Why is this starting now?!? Half of these dudes are juicing – thats the difference. There is no reason to be depressed when your multi and you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams and have the world by the balls. What more do you want other than to go to heaven?!!? Instead of living life, giving back and going to heaven these dudes are buying first class tickets to hell. RIP to these youngins’ and pray that baby who is now – ALONE. SMH.

  • jeanine

    Just because to u it seems like he has it all does not mean he feels that way. People who are depressed, mentally don’t see things like everyone else. Having all the money in the world doesn’t mean instant success. He could’ve been dealing with issues that we are not aware of and he finally just gave up. I dont think football or blows to the head have anything to do with this situation