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The Say Something Nice Challenge….Wendy Williams’ PETA Ad


Now, I know Wendy Williams stripped naked for a good cause but…let’s analyze this photo shall we?

Here’s one of two photos that leaked on the net yesterday. This one’s a bit tame.

Now let’s analyze the other.


Be honest, what was your initial reaction when you saw Wendy’s naked body posing for PETA?

Shock? Disbelief? Yeah, same here.

On her campaign with PETA to save animals from being skinned for their fur Williams says, “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let animals keep theirs.”

But is it me or doesn’t Wendy look like a lion herself?

Hey, I know what you’re thinking. ‘That was mean,’ but take a better look.

Now, doesn’t that scream “Roarrrr….I’m a lion.” No?

Be one with nature Wendy be one with nature. I ain’t mad.


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  • Louis

    airbrushed like a mofo!

  • sassy24

    she needs to go down a size in the boob department, nice air brushing

  • SFDotNet

    HAHAHA funny description! Nice post, it was interesting to see it analyzed like this.


  • king frost

    dis a good look #CHilly

  • djdoleak

    is that really her body? S.R.

  • Futuristic Blogger

    I knew she wasn’t a man

  • Jervishia

    She looks amazing!

  • Lol! It’s been airbrushed.

  • How old are you again Wendy?LOL

  • Wendy doing toomuch!