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Rihanna Apologizes To Journalists & Fans For 777 Tour Drama


Although Rihanna‘s seventh studio album is titled ‘Unapologetic’ she did apologize to journalists, fans and media outlets that joined her along her 777 tour.

Not only did they accompany her on her tour, they were all on the same plane. Journalists got a bit antsy early on in the tour, documenting 7 countries, 7 shows, in 7 days, once they realized they wouldn’t get close access to the singer and all the tour details and dirt. They were without access to wifi (essential for their work), had to sit threw hours of waiting stemming from multiple flight delays, as well as sleepless nights.

To be totally fear, however, the tour was also taxing for the singer. No other artist has ever done an event where they invited media outlets and fans to join them on their private jet as they traveled across the globe on a tour. Rihanna performed each night with little rehearsal, followed by after parties and promotional events for her album and only found time to sleep on the plane. The same plane she shared with the media. Obviously, the lack of appearances from the pop star didn’t provide much news to cover. Writing about a tour with the same performances each night can certainly get redundant we’re sure. Eventually Rihanna did come around, perhaps a little too late during the last night of her tour, to explain exactly what happened and why she had no regrets.

A writer exclusively for Us Weekly reports,

Rihanna makes her way to back of the plane where the journalists were seated and begins with, “Guess what, we made it! This has been an experience the I will never ever forget. I barely slept. My sleeping was all done on this plane,” she explained. “I want to thank everyone for making this trip the sh–. I want to see the naked Australian! (the Australian shock-jock who streaked passengers to lighten up the somber mood aboard the flight)”

“I was glad I did this. absolutely. Tonight is the night everything we did this week goes off,” she continued. “I know you guys got barely any dirt but I had to be good. I still sound like sh–. It’s impossible to spend time with everybody, and I’m sorry I didn’t. But this was excellent and I would definitely do it again.”

“I would do this next time with more people, more cities and sit back the the fans more. . . I had to preserve my health. Normally, I’d be back here popping bottles with y’all . . . I had to preserve my voice. I was worried about my body more than partying on the plane, so I had to just sleep whenever I could. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did.”

We doubt they did. Good attempt on her part to distinguish the build up of tension though.

And, well, there you have it.

(Photo: Zimbio.com/Jj/Bauer Griffin)


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