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Rihanna Goes Nude On Cover of GQ Magazine, Art or Porn?


Rihanna covers the ‘Men of the Year’ upcoming December issue of GQ magazine. She makes history as the first woman to grace the magazine issue. Although dressed in an open leather jacket, barely covering her breasts, with her hands covering her crotch and her shortly cropped black hair, the singer appears to be totally nude.

By now we all know, Rihanna isn’t afraid to be sexy in her own skin but some people believe this cover may be on the verge of pornography. Do you agree?

Is Rihanna’s GQ cover art or straight porn? Take our poll below.


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  • jeanine

    Yeah she is doing too much…I could see if this was her first partially nude cover but its not. If u follow her on instagram its either naked pics or her smoking….clearly has some issues going on….its like she needs some kind of approval from everyone and she has to get it by doing something shocking…its too much.

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  • As a Rihanna fan I was surprised at this cover too. She’s done sexy partially nude spreads before but this GQ cover I think is a bit too revealing. I think it’s the hand covering her crotch part. It wasn’t necessary to give the illusion she has no underwear on. The jacket with no under garments was enough. Some bikini bottoms would have been better.

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