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Wouldn’t Flava Flav & Keyshia Cole’s Momma Frankie Make A Hot Couple?!


Keyshia Cole recently posted this below picture of her mother Frankie Lyons and Flava Flav on Twitter. If you watch Cole’s new reality show “Keyshia & Daniel” you’d know Keyshia and Frankie made a few jokes about Frankie actually dating Flav. Could it be true?

Cole tweeted, “Momz wants me Ta post this!! #FlavorFlav and Ma”

Not sure when this photo was taken or at which event but I gotta admit this photo made my day! Why? Because they’d actually make a pretty hot couple, don’t you think? Think about it, crazy Frankie and Flav with all their comedic antics. The hilarity! That’s one reality show I would watch.

What are your thoughts, Frankie and Flav the new it couple?


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