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Former Miss USA Kenya Moore Is Crazy! A Disappointment?


The newest addition to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reality franchise Miss Kenya Moore is crazy! And we mean, crazy for coco puffs, a looney bin, loo-loo loco! The former Miss USA (I thought it was Miss Universe until I was properly informed but excuse me for trying to give her an upgrade).

But here’s what I’m getting at. Were you all as shocked as I was when you watched the premiere episode of ‘RHOA’ season 5? I mean wow at Miss Kenya!!!

I remember Kenya all too well. Why? Because the year she won Miss USA, 1993, she made news as the second black women in history to claim the title, behind Carole Anne-Marie Gistin 1990. (Although we previously reported actress Vanessa Williams was the first African American woman to win she actually was the first to win Miss America (two different pageants).

The night she won I had been watching and I remember it being a moving and emotional experience to watch a black woman win. It was major news in the black community. Following her win, Moore dabbled in acting and continued to model and even started her own production company but, I think we can all agree, her Miss USA win was the highlight of her career.

Nearly twenty years later she’s back. Unfortunately, her second shot at having an A-list career, provided by the vehicle that is reality television, we’re all now learning Kenya Moore is actually not all that likeable, is she?

When it comes to celebrities I’ve always said never put them on high pedestals because they’re human first and as humans they make mistakes too. It is one of the reasons I’m never as harsh in my criticism of celebrities when they make poor decisions. I also don’t believe celebrities should be forced to be role models just because they’re in the spotlight. In my opinion, whether a person is a celebrity or not, some people cannot inspire change if they don’t know how to change. They can’t be or become anything for others what they haven’t done or overcome for themselves. What I hope, rather, is that they learn from their own experiences, whatever it may be.

With that said I really have to say this. Kenya Moore really disappointed a lot of women who looked up to her. Could she just be putting on the drama just for TV? Perhaps. We all know a memorable “character” will have longevity on a show, especially on reality television. But is this how she wants to be remembered? Her criticism of the models during an open audition for the Bailey Agency was off-putting, harsh, it lacked tact and she was blatantly rude and disrespectful! What a way to use that vehicle huh?

Let’s be honest, if Kenya Moore had come on to the show and acted like a perfect angel I wouldn’t have believed any of it. In fact, most of us would have said she’s fake and being phony. I get that some people don’t mind airing out their dirty laundry while others prefer keep things private but Kenya went from the beautiful African American former Miss USA to dragon lady. And I’m being nice here. What a disappointment! Now she’s enthralled in a public celebrity feud with cast mate Cynthia Bailey.

The women she thinks she’s giving constructive criticism to are perhaps some of those same girls she inspired to pursue their own modeling careers. The girls she may have inspired to be the first black winner in their town, their state, or even their own country. Kenya, it’s not always what you say but how you say it. You’re just rude! I see you’re aiming for NeNe Leakes spot. This is her last season after all. Good luck with that. I would have preferred you stayed off reality television. At least we would all still like you.

Let’s rehash Kenya’s attitude during Cynthia’s open call shall we?



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  • kareninAtlanta

    Just a more, Vanessa Williams was never Miss USA she was the first black Miss America and she was crowned in 1983 – 10 years before Kenya won her crown. The first black Miss USA was Carol Gist in 1990.

  • kareninAtlanta

    Darn autocorrect I typed “just a note” but other than the corrections – I completely agree!

  • Thank you Karen! Will make the update.

  • Mimi

    Omg, Kenya really disappointed. I just watched the repeat of ep 1 & 2 and couldn’t believe Kenya was that uncouth. Afterall the event was being held at Cynthia’s venue…even the Jet Magazine Rep in attendance was visibly shocked at Kenya’s nasty attitude. Cynthia was full of class and Kenya can learn a bit or two from her in how to be/act like a lady.

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  • Again

    What in the world, it doesn’t matter what Kenya says, she’s evil and stupid, such a dumb ass drama queer, looking like ms Lawrence with a wig on, came on the show as a idiot and is still a idiot, the other ladies are fine, just get her ass off of this show– slut cow ( that’s right Walter run for your life)

  • Cici

    I just watched the the 1st reunion with Kenya and I’m so disappointed with her behavior. This person needs help! I’ve never seen such an angry, jaded, unhappy, person. There’s really no way to have a conversation with her because she never admits she’s wrong. Everyone’s wrong sometimes!! The thing that scares me the most about her? MALICIOUS! She’s one person I definitely don’t want to piss off. She will plan and scheme her life to get you back. No matter how petty it was or even if SHE was the one in the wrong. Because in her mind, Kenya is never wrong, only wronged.

  • shelly walker

    Kenya’s new boyfriend is probably fake too. After all, she says she has been proposed to 6 times. She is constantly making stuff up and does not have sense enought to know that people know that she is lying. Just because she WAS Miss USA and she is attractive does not make her desirable. She has crazy written all over her. The people at Bravo have to be stupid also to try to make her anything she says valid. Walter is a great guy who was not attracted to a fool. She needs to go away. Hopefully her family will intervene. She has a problem

  • rebe

    Note that shes the only one being discussed here right.. Shes brilliant! She knows what to do to get ratings, as did her confidant and mentor, Nene.. she is BRINGING the LIFE to the show, and I love it! Get it Kenya, beautiful and smart! Unstoppable

  • Carrie

    NeNe is not on as much as she was in the past, so the drama was low key. Kenya is bringing the drama, which is why everyone is talking about her. To be honest, I never liked NeNe when she was a regular. She is more likeable now, so I don’t see why the same people who glorifies NeNe are going after Kenya. Hypocrite much?

  • Reene watson

    Y so much dumping on Kenya? Perhaps cos she came on to Apollo 2 much. Kenya is a beautiful lady; maybe folks r jealous. As 4 Porsha? Your mother is older than Kenya; and u will never live as old as kenya right? That is as dumb, mean, not to mention as arrogant as Porsha seems always. All that comes out of Porsha’s mouth is, “I’m pretty; I’m married to money.” Is she that pretty? No wonder Kordell is kicking her to the curb; since she is always calling Kenya trash that should be put out. I quit watching this franchise this season; ridiculous!!

  • A-town

    Kenya is CRaZy as hell point. blank.period. I would tell her to get with it or get lost. But she just need to get lost.

  • tatum

    I remember as a young lady I admired Kenya Moore I was so proud of her she was dark skinned & pretty……she seemed so regal. She looked like a chocolate Barbi…..but now wow…..she’s a disappointment that beautiful & alone she needs mental help she’s ugly on the inside…..so sad…………

  • BLee

    After Porsha made the mistake of mistaken her Miss USA..Kenya has had it out for Porsha..
    So divorcing your wife blind sided is ok, hate for anything like that to happen to anyone much less yourself..so beware of things you say cause lets not get it twisted it can happen to you

  • Samantha

    I am from Ireland and watch this show, I must say how disgusted I am by nene and Kenya moores outrages ignorance to being polite , it does not matter how much money anyone has or their status in life , being a nice human being makes you richer in heart , oh and did I hear nene stripped for money back in her day , does she forget herself? I certainly would never entertain these two individuals, and Cynthia needs to get in with the real women on this show, example, candi, Phaedra , and Kenya get your own man sorted because Walter does not seem that interested in you really ,

  • Samantha

    I don’t really think she has given anybody anything to be jealous of , seriously she is out right rude and obnoxious , and forgets who she really is , beauty is skin deep , her beauty is only on her first layer of skin ,