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Four More Years! Barack Obama Wins 2012 Presidential Election! (Videos)


Tuesday night millions of Americans sat at the edge of their seats as the results began streaming in for the 2012 Presidential Election. In its early stages, the polls reflected an initial lead by Mitt Romney in the election but as the night went on and the results from key states such as Pennsylvania, Virgina, New Hemsphire and California rolled in the odds took a turn in the President’s favor.

As always, Ohio was the determining factor for who was to win the election. Although the votes hadn’t been fully counted, the projection for President Obama was announced shortly before midnight, President Obama had won re-election as the 44th president of the United States. He’s earned 332 electoral votes vs Romney’s 206 votes. The president also won the popular vote of nearly 60 million Americans (50%) to Romney’s nearly 56 million supporters (48%).

In the fours years to come the president noted in his victory speech that although he still faces some challenges the economy is recovering.

Watch below as the newly re-elected President Obama delivers his long awaited victory speech in his hometown of Chicago.

Mitt Romney gave a speech following his defeat wishing the president well. Romney even revealed he called the president and congratulated him on his victory.

Mitt Romney Concedes Prays For Presidents Obama’s Success.

(Photo: ABC News)


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