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Evelyn Lozada Dresses As A Mermaid For Rihanna’s Halloween Ball


Evelyn Lozada channels Kim Kardashian in her own mermaid costume for Halloween. The reality show star was spotted at Rihanna’s Halloween Ball at Greystone Manor in LA Wednesday night.

Evelyn poses as Ariel from ‘The Lil’ Mermaid’.

Evelyn even posed with Rihanna and daughter Shaniece at Rihanna’s Halloween Ball.

Are you guys loving Ev as Ariel?

(Photos: Twitter/Instagram)


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  • Shaniece you did a great job in your first video debut and you looked amazing. That’s right girl still get that degree and make some money on the side. Cheers to you babe and from my family to you and your family have a wonderful christmas and prosperus new year!!