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Chris Brown Dressed As Arab For Rihanna’s Halloween Ball 2012, Controversy?!


Chris Brown and his crew attended Rihanna’s Halloween Ball dressed as Arabs Wednesday night it it’s causing a bit of controversy.

Chris posted the photo on Twitter earlier in the day with the caption, “Ain’t nobody F–king wit my clique!!!”

Some have taken his attire to be demeaning to Arab and Muslim people and makes light of terrorists organizations.

In my opinion, the costume is harmless. What it does, is brings to light the American ignorance of Muslim people and their attire. The attire does not and should not equate to being a terrorist or member of the Taliban. On another note, Chris Brown doesn’t think clearly, obviously!

Given Chris’ violent history and the volatile history between the United States and some Arab nations as well as the fight the against terrorism and the Taliban organization, the costume was a pretty dumb idea.

I admit Chris Brown makes himself an easy target but the costume is harmless. Let it go folks!


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