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New York News: Limited Train Service To Resume Thursday


Following the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New York City is finally getting back to being the city that never sleeps.

On Wednesday afternoon, Governor Cuomo announced New York City transit will slowly begin resuming its daily schedule. The governor went on to explain that the service will initially be limited, beginning with The Metro North and Long Island Railroad today and subway service tomorrow.

The subway service, he said, will be supplemented by a “bus bridge” from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Although he did not specify which lines will resume service, the governor did say that service beyond 34th street will remain suspended due to loss of power.

“In terms of power restorations, we’re working very hard,” he said. “The situation is developing on a day-to-day basis.”

Cuomo went on to explain the continued delay in subway service is die to water still present in the tunnels, where the subway system and Con Edison infrastructure has been damaged.

“So getting the water out of the tunnels is probably one of the main orders of business right now,” he said

Cuomos added that the New York Power Authority is sending 1,800 upstate utility workers into the downstate area to help with the repairs.

Cuomo, Sen. Charles Schumer and other federal, state and local federal officials took a helicopter tour around the damaged areas in the city, Long Island and Westchester County.

He added, “coming up with a real reconstruction and recovery plan, a long-term plan, that coordinates all the assets.”

We agree Governor Cuomo, coming up with a long-term plan is certainly what is needed, especially for future weather related disasters in the Tri-State area.



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