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Sherman Hemsley Still Not Buried After Death 3 Months Ago!


What in the world would keep a dead man’s body unburied after three months?! We’re not quite sure but the late actor Sherman Hemsley is still unburied after his death back in July.

Weeks later an autopsy revealed that Hemsley succumbed to a lung cancer diagnosis.

The problem lies with a man, Richard Thornton, claiming to be the brother of the late actor. Since Hemsley had no wife or kids a will, found one week after his death, contests that his $50,000 estate go to his “self-proclaimed” live-in business partner and best friend Flora Enchinton Berna, according to Fox News.

Thornton has since come forward requesting Sherman’s death be properly investigated because it’s appears to be suspicious. He filed a civil law suit alleging Ms. Berna had not informed him that Hemsley had been dying from cancer. He says he was initially under the impression that Sherman had died from natural causes as previously reported. However, following the revelation that he had in fact died from lung cancer Thornton would like a further investigation of Hemsley’s death. He goes on to say he was not informed nor was his mother or any other relatives of Sherman of his condition and cancer diagnosis.

Not sure what to say here. It’s extremely mind boggling that anyone’s burial would be delayed for this extended period of time all over the fight for money. Let’s be honest that is the real problem here. Mr. Thorton and family may feel he is entitled to some portion of Hemsley’s estate. If Mr. Thornton is in fact Hemsley real brother he should not want his death and burial to be drawn out in this way. It’s is beyond sad. At the same time, I understand that if a family members’ death is suspicious and their live-in “care-taker” is also the beneficiary alarms do go up, but why for three months?!

The judge is said to make a ruling on the case on October 31st.



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