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Hurricane Sandy Devastates East Coast, 18 Dead And Counting!


New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and cities along the east coast were rocked by Hurricane Sandy Monday night. The storm swept through the east coast devastating the area, leaving eighteen people dead. Thirteen people were reported as dead in New York, three in New Jersey and another two in Connecticut. In the state of Virginia Sandy also left behind a slew of snow that swept the area.

Unfortunately, the totals will increase as authorities assess the total damage. In the aftermath, more bodies are being discovered through the wreckage. The New York City transit system has been crippled as a result of the tropical storm, leaving millions of people with proper transportation to and from work. In the past few days, businesses have been forced to shut down production as citizens slowing get back to the way of life.

Over 700,000 New Yorkers are without power, close to 1 million on the island of Long Island and close to 1.5 million people in New Jersey are also without power.

Here are some footage and photos of the damage left behind from the tropical storm.

(Footage: CNN/Photos: Twitter)


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