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Should Women Be Paying For Dates?!


Are you serious? Women Paying for Dates?

Perhaps this goes back to many moons ago when men paid 10 cows to the family to
marry a woman. Maybe it goes back further than that. No one really knows. What really matters, however, is that some women out there have never (and I mean never) even thought about paying for a date.

But maybe times are changing…

The notion that a man should pay for a date stems from the idea that men are providers. It’s true that before God gave Adam a wife, He gave him a job and men should have something to contribute to the family (financially). However, does that always mean a man should always pay on dates?

Absolutely not.

A man that you first meet and haven’t invested time in doesn’t owe you the role of “provider.” He just wants to get to know you and find out if you could be his wife one day (not tomorrow). He shouldn’t have to tap into his savings to do so while you sit back and be impressed.

Since gas costs 5 dollars per drop we have to start viewing dating as more a mutual
exchange and let go of the “wine and dine” of our past. I admit I do enjoy free meals and activities that often come with dating. It’s nice for someone to do something nice for you after you spend 98% of your time being “independent.” However, I’ve come to loosen up a little as well when it comes to who pays and how often.

It’s very true that some men will insist on always paying for everything. But as the great orator T.I. said “A woman that asks for anything will get nothing. A woman that doesn’t ask for anything, will get everything.” (something like that).

Women it is OKAY to offer to split your meal or leave the tip. One tactic I usually
employ is that he pays for the meals and I will pay for the drinks (within reason – he can’t order a $300 bottle of champagne with a 2 for $20 meal and expect to get away with it!)

I encourage women everywhere to stop looking at dating as something a man has to do to impress you with how much money he can spend on one night out. If he’s not your boyfriend yet, don’t have boyfriend (provider) expectations. Dating is about getting to know the other person and most of the best dates are free anyway. When dating and entertaining a new guy, try something different this time around. Don’t get stuck on how things were always done in the past and offer to split the bill, pay the tips, or just buy the drinks.

What do you think? Do you pay on dates? Do you always expect the guy to pay for
everything? Why?

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