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Natina Reed of ‘Blaque’ Dies Following Hit & Run Just Before 33rd Birthday!


Natina Reed of 90’s girl group ‘Blaque’ passed away sometime early Saturday morning following a hit and run accident. The singer had been crossing a street in Atlanta, GA when she was struck by an on coming vehicle, reports DivaWhispers.com.

What makes this story even more tragic, Reed would have turned 33 on Sunday, October 28th!

The group, founded by the late Left Eye of ‘TLC’, became well known following their break through single ‘808‘ in 1999.

Reed was also engaged to rapper Kurupt. In 2002 they welcomed a son together, Tren Brown.

What’s makes this story even more eerie is the similarity between Reed and mentor Left Eye, who also died as a result of a car crash. Her rap style was also very similar to that of Lopez. ‘Blaque’ was also referenced to be the “new” TLC upon their debut. It is just so sad that this had to happen. So terribly sad!

Police investigation is currently underway following the death of Reed. Our condolences to her family. May she rest in peace!

Natina Reed was leaving a Lawrenceville, GA gas station when she proceeded to cross the street, heading back home, when a couple struck her with their vehicle. The couple initially believed she had been a deer. When they turned around to see what happened they realized it was a female lying on the ground. The couple tells police they tried to revive her but realized she was already dead.

R.I.P Natina.

Here’s ‘Blaque’ with ‘808’.


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  • Kevin M. Zimmerman

    R.I.P to Natina Reed from the girl group Blaque.

  • BULLSHIT what the fuck do you mean ” thought she was a deer” I dont believe not one bit.