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The Say Something Nice Challenge: Chris Brown And His Leopard Print Shoes


Chris Brown was spotted arriving at David Furnish’s 50 birthday party in LA. Furnish is best known as Elton John’s partner and a film maker. But never mind that, here’s the problem…..

Heyyyyy…..watch out now?! Just look at those shoes!!!! *major side eye* -_-

But but but whyyyyyy??????

Okay let’s get a better view with the suit.


How about a front view….

Nah, just ain’t cutting it.

You know if it weren’t for those shoes it probably wouldn’t be all that bad, heh?

Just can’t seem to get over……….

Huh, wait, what you say Kim?



About Author

  • This is just so fuckin ugly. Like his fuckin shoes looks like woman shoes. He needs to know what to wear and what not to wear. So he needs to sit down and take what the fuck his fashion designer is giving him.

  • Ouch, Head Hitter! Lol