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Bobby Brown Arrested Again For DUI In LA!


Weren’t we all under the impression that Bobby Brown was a changed man after checking himself in rehab back in August and his declaration that he’d given up the bottle?

Well, think again. The self-proclaim “King” of R&B got arrested again for another DUI charge this morning in Los Angeles..

Bobby was taken to Van Nuys Jail after refusing to take a sobriety test at Ventura Boulevard and Corbin Avenue.

The arrest is Bobby’s second this year. He was arrested back in March and was sentenced to an alcohol treatment program, probation and a fine after pleading earlier in the month.

No official statements has since been released.

You know guys, I think I’ve figured this one out. Isn’t it just ironic that ‘The Houstons: On Our Own’ reality show also premieres today? Bobby Brown just wanted some attention. Just something to make us remember he’s still here.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Bobby will ever overcome his alcohol addiction?


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