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Brandy “Two Eleven” First Week Sales, Album Debuts #3


Last Tuesday, Brandy debuted her new album, “Two Eleven”, to the world. For her first week album sales, Brandy debuts at number 3 on the Billboard 200 with approximately $66.8K albums sold, 66,856 to be exact, according to Hits Daily Double.

Now, some people are surprised by these numbers because, well, it’s Brandy! But don’t be too sad, Brandy was able to garner the #1 album on the R&B Charts!

She arrived on the scene with her self titled album, “Brandy” in 1994. Fast forward 6 albums later and Brandy is number 3 on the charts. A little known fact is that Brandy has never actually had a number one album. Shocking huh? Her highest debut to date is her 2002 “Full Moon” album, which, debuted no. 2 with 156k sales in its first week. Even its predecessor, “Never Say Never”, couldn’t claim the no. 1 stop with its no. 3 debut and 160k units sold in its first week back in 1998. With the disappointment of her 2008 album “Human”, Brandy was determined to make a much needed comeback and reclaim her spot as one of music’s finest. The album sold 73k units in its first week, debuting at number fifteen.

Although “Two Eleven” is Brandy’s lowest selling debut, the album was still album able to debut highly on the charts. A clear indication that album sales are down tremendously regardless of the artist. I also think the first week sales are still pretty good for an album that didn’t have a spectacular first single. We may also have to factor in I-tune sales. It’s very common that most people today choose to purchase a downloadable version of the album instead of a hard copy. I, personally, downloaded the CD just because it was Brandy and I love her music. I believe that with the ability to download through sites like Spotify, one has to question if that number is really true.

The second single, slated to be “Wildest Dreams”, will definitely boost sales.

Here’s a the single artwork.

I will always stand behind Brandy and I hope she continues to put out great music. Only time will tell. Are you surprised by “Two Eleven” first week album sales?


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  • malcolm

    im not surprised because people dont buy music these days as much as they used to even the higher selling artists arent selling as much….i do think the album will continue to do well it’s a solid album and has the potential to do well as long as she continues to promote the album and she needs to do a tour….If she does a tour it’ll do well….i’m rooting for her she’a GREAT…..

  • gaz525

    I am surprised considering the promotion she has given the album in its first week of release,but I am more surprised it has performed less than ‘human’ which received little to no promotion and had a very weak first single.I think one of the problems lies with ‘put it down’ being released so long ago. I’m in the UK and I could download put it down from May 8th,but the album didn’t arrive until October15th????the hype of ‘put it down’ was immense at first but in four months it had gone.yet on all her appearances she decided to mainly perform ‘put it down’. I think she should have concentrated on ‘wildest dreams’ for the last month in the run up to the album,released a video say the week before album release and then drop the album in the heat of ‘wildest dreams’ either that or she should have waited to release ‘put it down’ then release the album while everyone was hyped about the first single. Bad choices have resulted in this, it’s not down to the album,the albums great it’s bad management e.g. song choices and time frames.

  • Yes, I agree. The first week sales are not impressive but I think the album will perform well overall. I’m rooting for her too.

  • Yes, having sales less that “Human” surprised me too. And I was not a fan of “Put It Down” either. But on a more positive note the single is now #1 on Urban radio, go figure! Yes, “Wildest Dreams” is a better single. Hopefully things will turn around on a more positive note for the album’s overall success.

  • gaz525

    Yeah I didn’t think ‘put it down’ was great and having Chris Brown on it was pointless.I think it’s all about timing,what artist releases a single four months before the record comes out?I could understand it if ‘wildest dreams’ was then OFFICIALLY released with a video to coincide with the release of the album but it wasn’t.’put it down’ has been spinning for four months now and people are bored with it.the important single is always the one released with the album but it seems she’s given ‘put it down’ too much promotion and ‘wildest dreams’ nothing.if I wasn’t a brandy fan,just through media sights and radio etc I would have no idea ‘wildest dreams’ even existed.I feel strongly about this,the album and her hard work deserves more but I think labels concentrate on the artists that churn out radio friendly albums every year instead of people with real artistic integrity.I’ll say it again…bad single choice and bad time management of the whole project.

  • tredoggg333

    I can not truly surprised because down loads are a definite factor. but I can say I am truly disapointed I downloaded it myyself. I have and do love brand and her music sinse the begining and in recognition of that fact I am going to purchase a hard copy as well. I feel brandy has always been underated for some reason. never say never was of my favorite albums by any artist. I have been listening to her sinse I wanna be down, and I truly hope she does continue. I think this is a good album as well. Bravo Brandy.