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Chris Brown Gets Yet Another Neck Tattoo!


Chris Brown had no intentions of stopping until his entire neck was covered in tattoos! Breezy posted the below photo, via Instagram, of the newest addition to his neck collection.

Now, if you’re like me, I really couldn’t make it out but thankfully a few fans sites were able to get a close up!

It’s a lion!

And what does it mean? The tattoo is reportedly a symbol for “Christ and Freedom”.

Chris’ neck collection already includes a two face female portrait commemorating the day of the dead (dia de los muertas), not of an abused woman or a battered Rihanna face like previously reported, and a roaring lion head with what looks like an Native American chief head piece.

Hmmmm….where do I start.

There’s no way he won’t regret it when he gets old. I suppose, rappers and rock stars live in the moment and never anticipate the wrinkly mess their tats will become when age catches up with them.

Luckily their riches (if they’re fortunate enough to stay that way) can buy them new skin, if they choose, when the time comes.

What are your thoughts?


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  • John Smith

    raw baaybe ! that tatto is uglaay. please dont bash me :(

    xoxo John Smith <3