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[Album Review] Brandy: “Two Eleven”


By: Jeanine Nicole (JustJeanineNicole.com)

I think its safe to say that Brandy is definitely back in the game. Today Brandy’s 6th album, “Two Eleven,” was officially released and she is definitely giving R&B a much needed boost. From beginning to the end, Brandy is staying true to herself with this new CD. For me, Brandy had always been the “hopeless romantic” when it comes to her music. “Two Eleven” is no different. Using her signature raspy tone, Brandy tells a story of being in love throughout the CD. Showing her mature and sexual side with songs like, “Slower”, “Put it Down”, “Can You Hear Me Know”, Brandy keeps a clean yet alluring demeanor. She also stays true to get R&B roots with songs like “No Such Thing as Too Late”, “Without You”(my favorite), and “Scared of Beautiful”, where she discusses love and being afraid to love again. This, to me, is by far Brandy’s best album since she came back on the scene a few years ago. I have been a die hard Brandy fan since she first came out. Seriously, I used to do the “Wanna Be Down” dance all day when I was younger. In this album, you get a more emotional and heartfelt Brandy who is coming into her own. Her lyrics and song content are very relatable and it still has the laid back vibe that Brandy is known for. This is definitely a must have.


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