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Bus Driver Attack Female Passenger In Heated Argument!


Media outlets are in a frenzy this morning after a video of a Cleveland City male bus driver attacking a female passenger hit the web. The bus driver and passenger were in a heated argument when she became irate and threw the first punch. His response, violently punch her and throw her off the bus.

He was heard as saying, “She wanna be a man? I’m gonna treat her like a man.” Watch the video below.

Wow! Just wow. I am at a lost for words.

The driver has since been suspended.

The female passenger, identified as Shi’dea Lane, 25, was said to be drunk when she entered the bus, according to witnesses. Eyewitnesses also say the woman initially intended on not paying her fee when she entered the bus and upon doing so began to argue with the driver. The bus driver, Artis Hughes, 59, also told police that he defended himself when the female passenger grabbed him by the neck and spat in his face during the altercation. Bus passengers also reiterated the same story.

Given the details of this story, do you think Huges did what he had to do in defending himself or used excessive force?


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  • sassy24

    I thought he was suspended pending further investigation. A lot people found the video funny, I didn’t see any humor in it.

  • I didn’t find the video funny either. I was initially misinformed about him being fired. Thank you for the correction.