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Jada Pinkett Smith Has A Message To Her Haters!


Jada Pinkett Smith is tired of all the negative talk about her marriage and the way she raises her children. The Smiths have been accused of being swingers and on the verge of divorce just about every few months. They’ve even faced criticism over being too hands-off with daughter Willow Smith and the way she chooses to express herself with her fashion choices and shaving and coloring her hair. Here’s what Jada posted via her official Facebook page.

I am on a tremendous journey of great change in every area of my life and I see how change can be scary. For instance, how Will and I raise our family is a tremendous change from the norm. It can be scary for some folks but it should never THREATEN how anyone else chooses to raise their own children or how they choose to live their lives.

We all have the freedom to CHOOSE to live how we want.

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