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Trend Alert: Fall Fashion 2012 Tips


image: traderscity.com

Fall has finally arrived and as the weather changes so should your wardrobe. Now, I’m sure many of you will be checking out different websites and magazines to find out what is trendy for this season. For me, I say work with what is best for you and your body type. But I will still give you a few ideas to work with.

image via omiru.com

image via allwomenstalk.com

1. Coats- Pea coats will forever be in style. A simple gray or black pea coat will spruce up any outfit. You will look like you stepped off a Vogue shoot while being comfortable and warm.

image via en.paperblog.com

2. Leather- The leather look will give you a “rich” appearance even if it isn’t costly. Whether it is a leather coat or a simple leather pant or leggings, this look will have you looking stylish.

image via blogs.mspmag.com

3. Boots- My favorite part of Fall fashion are the infamous boots. Pair these with a pair of tights and a sweater dress and you are good to go.

image via millionlooks.com

4. Color- Just because it is Fall and the weather is drab, this does not mean your outfit has to be. Adding pops of color into your outfit will keep you looking chic.

Remember, Fall is one of the easiest seasons to dress for. Accessories also play a big part in completing your look. A scarf here and a hat there will jazz up any outfit. You can also add layers and remove them throughout the day, depending on the weather. To accomplish these looks can also be inexpensive. You can find pieces at different outlet stores and create a runway look in seconds.


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