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BET Reveals Four New Hosts of 106 & Park, Including Bow Wow


Earlier tonight BET announced their new hosts for music countdown series ‘106 & Park’. The four new host includes Mr. 106 himself rapper Bow Wow, Detroit radio personality Paigon, fellow Detroit native and aspiring rapper Shorty Da Prince, and another aspiring rapper from Houston, with lots of personality by the way, Miss Mykie My money is betting on Miss Mykie to be the breakout star of the foursome. Check out a brief intro from the new hosts.

I haven’t watched much of 106 & Park since AJ and Free’s departure but after watching Monday’s episode I’ve come to the conclusion, BET’s requirements include their female hosts to have annoying voices (either deep or real pitchy) and their males to act like cornballs.

No seriously…..I mean it. Just think about it for a second………..


I’m not so sure this is the right opportunity for Bow Wow. A few guest host spots, possibly, but as a permanent host not so much. Since his music career has slowed down a tab bit I strongly believe he should refocus on his acting career until he finds the next hit single. Take the Will Smith route Bow Wow. You’ll be glad you did it.

What are your thoughts on the new hosts?


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