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Female Debris Cleanup Worker Racially Attacked


It’s unfathomable that racism still exist today. What happened to debris contractor, Brandy Worley, while monitoring hurricane debris cleanup in Grand Isle is despicable. When a misunderstanding occurred among workers and a man on sight Worley began recorded the incident and the man’s violent outburst. Once he became aware she was recording, she was also assaulted, spit on, and called the “N” word.

Worley says, “I’m pleading with him not to touch me and leave me alone. Nothing was said to him to upset him, then he goes and spits in my face. He did the cruelest thing he could think of to demean me, break me and make me feel less than human.”

Take a look at what happens below.

The man in question, Josh Jambon, was arrested and charged with battery once police were called to the scene.

When News 2 reached Jambon by phone, he defended his character but acknowledged his arrest.

“I’m a really good guy,” Jambon said. “I’m a really good businessman.”

When asked if he used racial slurs and the “N” word, he said, “I’d like to talk to you in front of my attorney.”

When asked who is attorney was, the line disconnected.


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  • Shame

    What’s said is he said she didn’t do anything to upset him! And she didn’t recorde her pushing the man in the neck. Then she started recording and wait did he use the N word. Nope he said black