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Cotten Kandi Weblinks of the Day


It was a job well done for the Carter. The fundraiser put together by Jay Z and Beyonce in honor of President Obama’s re-election was a hit. The President, who was in attendance, had great things to say of the Carters. He praises Beyonce for being a role model to his daughters and compares himself to Jay Z. And it didn’t hurt the couple raised $4 million from the private event. For more on what the President had to say continue reading over at Spill Da Beanz.

Dina Lohan Got Paid Big Bucks To Act A Fool On Dr. Phill – I Need My Fix

Tori Spelling Hospitalize Following Delivery – Celebrity VIP Lounge

Is Mila Kunis Worried Mylie Cyrus Is Trying To Steal Ashton Kutcher? – Celeb Dirty Laundry

5 Worst Hairstyles Worn By Kim Kardashian – Girls Talkin Smack

Kristina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Gets Replaced By Usher & Shakira On ‘The Voice’ – Right Celebrity

Kanye  West Explains ‘Cruel Summer’ Album Concept – iLuLuOnline

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