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Cassie Defends Romantic Relationship With Diddy!


Cassie practically confirmed what we’ve all suspected for some time now. She and Diddy are not only an item she’s sooooo in LOVE! Don’t believe me? Check out Cassie’s Twitter rant.

And when a feisty follower responded to her message she responded with,
“Shut the f——k up. U just took 5 minutes to think about & write that. Sit down. Thank you. You are muted. #notinthemoodtoday @xHarajukux: Poor @cassiesuper thinking the blogs or anybody for that matter cares that much about her outside of the weirdo fucking her old ass boss.”

During her rant Cassie also tweeted a link to Cameron and Mase‘s song “F–k You”. She then ended her rant with “Done now. Thank you for listening. Spa day before work this week. Yes, a bitch has a job”

Well there you have it folks. If that’s not a confirmation I don’t know what is.

Now, I wonder if those engagement rumors are also true? Hmmm….. we’ll keep you posted.

*Tid Bit*: The singer recently celebrated her 26th birthday on August 26th. Happy belated Cassie! She was joined by her love, Chris Brown, Draya and friends.


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