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It’s The End of The Road For The “Jersey Shore”


It’s been a fist pumping, guido loving, drama filled good time these past five seasons but MTV is pulling the plug on hit reality show “The Jersey Shore”.

Well, we knew it wouldn’t last forever but did we think it would be this soon?

We can all blame it on Snooki. She just gave birth to son Lorenzo. Perhaps a sign the guidos and guidettes have grown up. And what would the show be without Snooki?!

Not to worry. Snooki and JWow have already got their own spin-off reality show, “Snooki & JWoww”.

But what about the other seven cast mates? Well, we’re sure they’ll all be fine. After all, the success of “Jersey Shore” has not only catapulted them into celebrity status but have earned them several endorsement deals. DJ Pauly D was even signed to Gunit record label by owner 50 Cent and has his own reality show spin-off getting ready for its premiere. “The Situation” has ventured off onto other hit shows such as“Dancing With The Stars” and has several endorsement deals under his belt with a hefty pay check for public appearances.

Although they’ll be missed, we’ll have one last season before the final curtain call its upcoming and final season 6.

Will you miss the shore?

(Photo: MTV.com)


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