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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “Rain Down On Me”


“Oh I’ll show you who is a bitch! Go tell that to your hoe!”

Words that could never be taken back still rung deep in her ears. Chest heaving. Shirt disheveled. Face swollen from too many tears.

Eva buried her face in her hands and finally gave up. For the past two hours, she’d been sitting on the side of the road with a broken car and a broken heart.

RRrrrrRR click click hisss RRRRrrrrR click
come on baby start for mama

click hiss silence.

Frogs greeted the moon and animals rustled in the bushes. The world had fallen apart and the last thing she needed was the car to die along with her relationship.

Thomas, her boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend now, was probably still cleaning up the house she destroyed. Moans that were not her own greeted her as she came home just a bit too early from a business trip. To think she hopped on a midnight flight trying to surprise Thomas. Heels that didn’t belong to her were thrown in the hallway. Cheap and ugly shoes.

Just like his hoe.

Stop that. Focus.

Eva silenced her thoughts and reached for her cell. The battery blinked and the phone went black. She cussed herself for not charging it at work. With no other choice, she adjusted her pencil skirt, grabbed her jacket, purse and useless phone and started walking. There had to be a gas station somewhere.

She’d just been driving and wasn’t sure where she was.

God please don’t let me die out here.

Another 15 minutes of walking went by before she finally reached a gas station. Flickering lights and a dilapidated exterior almost sent her running in the other direction. But inside was clean and bright. A chubby woman with a scraggly pony tail looked at her like a lost dog.

“You alright ma’am? You need the police?” she moved toward the phone.

“Yes I’m fine. I mean no. I mean…” tears choked back down as she adjusted her heavy bag, “Can I use your phone?”

The woman reached to hand Eva the phone when someone called her name.

“Eva? Eva is that you?”

Frozen in place, Eva was too embarrassed to turn around. Lest whoever was calling her name read “my man cheated on me with a cheap hoe” all over her face.

A soft, but firm hand touched her shoulder and she looked up into a familiar face. His name escaped her memory.

“Eva, it’s Joe. We met at Mya’s party last month. Are you….are you okay?”

Joe’s stare slowly trekked over her wrinkled clothes and birds nest that use to be a well maintained weave. She burst into tears.


“Wow.” Was all Joe could say as Eva finally finished telling him the entire story. He’d held her at the store until she stopped crying and suggested that she just spend the night on his couch and figure out the car in the morning. Thank God Joe had a sweet tooth craving that night or she would have still be in the gas station crying.

At least then she could charge her phone now. He let her use his shower and gave her an old t-shirt for her to put on. It was 3 sizes too big but it smelled like heaven.

Eva looked up expecting Joe to blame her for her man’s failure. She’d been working and traveling for months. She couldn’t remember the last time they had sex and it became clear now why Thomas stopped questioning her long ago. He’d found a replacement.

“No. Even if that was the issue. Cheating is not the way. Just leave. Travel with you. Something. ANYTHING. That’s just an excuse…”

Eva heard his words but began to doze off. She jumped up when she heard a loud crash and Joe’s dog losing his religion. A storm had rolled in and Mother Nature must have caught Father Time cheating too because she was bringing hell.

Joe emerged from his room in nothing but basketball shorts and socks.
“The hell was that?”
“Thunder I guess…” she mumbled still trying to understand if it was all a dream or not.

“You ok?” he asked as he walked toward Eva who stood shaking in the middle of the room.


Joe slid his arms around her and held her close. He whispered in her ear that it was going to be okay. Eva’s mind was spinning. All she wanted to do was forget what happened today. Joe smelled good and Eva decided he would be the perfect thing to make her forget.

She shifted so that her large breasts were pressed more deeply into his chest as he hugged her. He moved back slightly and looked a little embarrassed as he tried to hide his erection.

Rain beat against the house and lightning illuminated the room long enough for Eva to move closer to Joe and continue their embrace – pressed firmly against his erection.

He started to say something but she wasn’t listening. Strong arms locked around her waist as she stood on her tip toes to kiss his neck. When she got to his ear Joe’s hands slid down to her butt and cupped each cheek. He massaged her booty with a strong rhythm as she sucked and licked his neck and ears.

Finally they kissed. Short, hungry kisses turned into longer kisses with tongue and moaning. The pair backed up to the couch and Eva sat on the arm of the chair.

“Fuck me.” She whispered.

Joe dropped to his knees and pulled her legs around his shoulders. The t-shirt formed a tent over his head as he massaged her thighs and ran his tongue over her clitoris. Two fingers in her vagina and one in her other hole sent her to climax. Thunder drowned out her moans as she let her body release months of frustration and anger.

He stood up and dropped his shorts.

“Fuck me.” She whispered again.

Without a word he turned her over with her booty in the air. His penis curved slightly to the right and she felt him hit a spot she never knew existed. Now she was squirting down his legs and he was thrusting like it was his full time job. The last thrust pushed them off balance and they fell on the floor.

Trees tapped against the windows and rain threatened to take down the roof as Joe finally climaxed with her ankles by his ears.  His chest heaving and Eva still shaking.

He kissed her as he laid down next to her on the floor unable to really get up and move.

Thunder crashed one more time before the storm finally started to let up.

What did I just do? What happens now?

Eva’s eyes watered as she thought about what she’d just done, her broken relationship, and her car in the middle of nowhere.

Like the storm outside, she wondered when the rain would ever stop in her heart.


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