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Are “Poetic Justice” Braids the New Style?


So is it me or have braids made a major come back this year? And not just any braids but particularly the “poetic justice” braids as many have coined them. Everyone remembers Ms. Janet Jackson and her iconic braids in the 90’s movie, “Poetic Justice.” So why is this look coming back in 2012? Well, let’s thank the many celebrities that have decided to rock this look. The box braids, the actual name of the hairstyle, started gaining attention when Solange Knowles, was seen wearing them on several occasions. While most were indifferent about the look, it seemed to catch on as soon as older sister, Beyonce, was seen with them as well. After that the look was back. Stars from Solange to Kandi Burruss to even Shaunie O’Neal are shedding their Indian Remy and going with the box braid look.

I personally have to say the look is starting to grow on me. As a 90’s baby, I was always in love with braids. So I might be guilty of rocking this rapidly growing trend. If you decide to try this look here are a couple of tips to remember.  1. The braids should be at least 2in. thick and braided loosely for a full look.  2. Never burn the ends of the braid. Leave it loose and dip in hot water to secure the braid.  3. Don’t keep the braids in for more than 3 months. The new growth can begin to break off causing hair loss. Good luck :)

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(Photos: www.mightybeauty.com/Shaunie O’neal’s Tumbler)


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  • sassy24

    I’ve always liked these braids. A classmate of mine rocked them last spring they looked nice on her. She should have kept them because the short wig she wore at the end of the semester made her look like an old lady.

  • I actually rocked these braids a lot when I was younger. Lol! And I was thinking about going back. It’s one of those looks that you really can’t go wrong unless they’re unkept. Jeanine may not like the look but it saved my hair. It’s a good way to take a break from all the chemicals of relaxing etc. I like em.

  • I am definitely thinking of doing these especially since I cut all my hair off to go natural. The look is cute on most but some just take it overboard…the other day I saw a girl with them down to her knees and in different colors…too much.

  • Yay! Photo?