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Andre Leon Talley Talks About His Love For Fashion


Andre Leon Talley spills the beans about his life to Vogue magazine for their 120th anniversary special edition. The former Paris fashion editor has always had a love for fashion, which he lovingly attributes to his grandmother, Bennie Frances Davis. “When I was in high school, I made wallpaper from the fashion pages of Vogue….” This room was not a bedroom to Talley, but a “sanctuary” as he described it. Talley was so consumed in fashion as a teen that he did not let an assault keep him from purchasing his Vogue magazines. “One Sunday, on my way to East Campus, a group of white male students sped by, throwing rocks at me from the car. I kept walking—and it never stopped me from taking that walk to buy Vogue twice a month.” Talk about courage!

Tally has contributed to various things in the arts such as becoming a contributing editor for Vogue, authoring two books, and working on several ballet projects. Most of you will recognize him for being a boisterous judge on America’s Next Top Model for two years straight. One thing is for sure Mr. Andre Leon Talley is NOT giving us drekitude! He is always fierce! You can check out Vogue’s 120th anniversary edition in stores and online at www.vogue.com.

(Images from Dimitrios Kambouris and Stephen Lovekin)


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