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Rihanna Go-Karts With Rob Kardashian Then Parties With Chris Brown At LA Nightclub


This is sure to sparks some dating rumors. Rihanna and Rob Kardashian were spotted go-karting in Burbank, CA Saturday afternoon. Here they are having a go-karting good time.

Here’s Rihanna leaving her go-karting session.

And perhaps she was a bit annoyed at the paps and the pending rumors of her and rob dating when she decided to flip off the cameras.

The two were actually joined by a group of friends. We’re pretty sure they’re just friends and there is no romantic interest there. You all can kill this rumor now. Not gonna happen.

But here’s where things get interesting.

Rob and Rih, with their friends in toe, attended LA’s Playground nightclub to top off the night. And just who was in attendance?! Rihanna ex-boyfriend Chris Brown! You know the same Chris Brown she revealed in her Oprah interview that she’s still in love with. Yeah him.

Here’s Rihanna and Chris in the club. They were in separate sections but still in attendance nonetheless.

Almost immediately, club attendees began tweeting up a frenzy about the two’s attendance in the same club. And although this isn’t the first time they’ve attended the same nightclub, it is the first since Rihanna’s telling interview. In fact, at one point the DJ got the crowd going when he played the two’s most recent and sex driven collaboration together, “Birthday Cake”. And what did that enthrall? Attendees revealed the two were singing along to the lyrics.

Hmmm….we guess “doggy still wants that kitty….”

And yet the Chris Brown and Rihanna saga continues. We’ll keep you posted.

(Photos: Rihanna Daily/Chrianna Tumblr)


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