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Usher Comes Out The Champion, Wins Custody of Sons


Some very good news for Usher today, too bad it cost Tameka Raymond primary custody of her two youngest sons.

The R&B crooner was awarded primary custody earlier today by an Atlanta judge.

In the last several weeks, the media has documented the bitter custody battle between the two ex-spouses. The suit, brought on by Usher, was an even bigger blow when Tameka lost one of her elder sons in a jet ski accident back in July. Following 11 year old Kile Glover’s accident, which left him brain dead and resulting in his death, the custody battle resumed.

Many were left wondering, in the midst of the tragic events, why couldn’t these two reach an agreement and settle their differences. Unfortunately they were too busy making accusations of what the other had done to cause conflict.

But today’s ruling has decided the fate of the exes. Their sons will be in the primary care of their father.

Honestly guys, no one won here. Usher and Tameka could have settled the matter like two grown adults. But these two are also two bitter adults who are clearly holding grudges for what they feel the other party has done to them. And who suffers in the end? The kids!

We wish them well. Perhaps, one day, and one day soon they can agree to fifty percent joint custody on both sides. Their kids deserve that much.


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