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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “Double Delight”


Have you even been with two men at the same time?

I have.

It was always just a fantasy. The kind you daydreamed about at the most random moments to escape whatever daunting task of the day.

I’d never been experimental in the bedroom but I was drunk (yes, blame it on the liquor), the twins were fine and I was feeling freaky.

Donte was a guy I dated for eight months before realizing he wasn’t the one. The worst part, the sex was fantastic! Problem? He was a teenage boy stuck in a thirty-two year old man’s body. Having a conversation with Donte revolved around video games, going clubbing, smoking weed, drinking and getting it “poppin”, only to do it all over again. It was three months in the relationship that I realized I got the wrong twin.

While Donte worked as a mechanic at a local auto body shop, Delonte was a nurses aid. How did identical twins end up at the far end of opposite spectrums? I don’t know but damn why did I have to meet Donte first? Don’t get me wrong, he was quite handsome; they both were, but a college educated woman needed the intellectual stimulation of a college educated man. At least someone who knew a thing or two about the world and not just about my body. But man, it was good. Too good.

Perhaps if I had been thinking straight it wouldn’t have taken eight months to realize Donte was a womanizing sex maniac for a fool and I needed to run! I broke it off. He begged and I held my grounds and, like that, it was over.

There was only one problem. I missed the “D”. The will power of the body over the mind. Damn!!!! So we, kinda-sorta, kept in touch from time to time…

During these encounters I often ran in Delonte. After all, the twins lived together. They inherited a three bedroom home their grandmother left them when she died. And, on those occasions I couldn’t help but notice Delonte’s appeal. I even caught him admiring me from time to time too. But I was his brother’s “girl” right?

I think Donte started to notice the sexual tension in the room every time his twin came around too because all three of us in the same room made him uneasy for some odd reason. Maybe it’s that twin telepathy thing or something.

One Friday night while I was visiting Donte, (I always visited Donte on Fridays. It was our end of the week get your freak-on reunion of the exes), Delonte was also home. Typically he’d be in his room and we’d be in Donte’s enjoying each others company, naked. Nothing had changed except thirty minutes after arriving, having a few drinks and enjoying the first round of many, Delonte entered the room.

My initial reaction was to jump up and try to cover my naked body withwhatever garment was near. I was caught off guard and I didn’t like it. Donte was amused however. After I calmed down and managed to cover my body with the sheets, we’d show how rip completely off the bed, Donte gestured for him to cover over. It was when he came closer to the bed and away from the door that I noticed he was completely nude himself. The dim lighting from the small lap on the night stand gave what little glimpse it allowed. And I could see he was well endowed. Not surprising Donte was too.

“Rebecca, ready to get a taste of double delight?” Donte wanted to know. “It’ll be a twin treat, Donte and Delonte.” He laughed.

“I don’t know what kind of freaky sh*t this is but I can’t and I won’t. I’m leaving.” I said.

I jumped up from the bed and tried to gather my things as quickly as possible when Delonte walked over and grabbed me by the waist.


“Calm down Rebecca. We’re not trying hurt you. Just fulfill a fantasy you know. I know you want to.” He said almost teasingly.

And before I could answer he pulled me close and kissed me. I mean a long hard passionate kiss.

I got the wrong twin indeed. I think that’s what triggered it for me. My desire for him. I knew Donte. I had Donte. There was nothing to imagine there. But the other D, hmmmmm I was curious.

I gave in. And soon I was glad I had.

Donte watched as Delonte had his way with me. He layed my body down against the bed. Licked my nipples, kissed them softly and moved all the way down from my rib cage, to my stomach, to my thighs, legs and toes. He put everyone of them in his mouth too.

I was sold!

He moved back up to my womanhood and began kissing. Kissing every fold and crease until he got to the filling.

Hmmm, I heard moans. But was that me or him? I couldn’t distinguish between the two.

It was at this point that Donte joined. He kissed my lips and caressed my face while Delonte kissed my lips.

I was breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. And it didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t about me pleasing them but them getting pleasure our of pleasing me. Whatever, all I knew I was in sexual heaven.

One of my most kept secrets and desires was coming to life. Being pleasantly pleasured by two men at the same time. And although it frightened me at first I loved every bit of it!

Once he was fully aroused, I could see Delonte covering his manhood with a condom before entering me.

They were identical but there was nothing identical about this. He filled me up in all the right places. He took his time, making sure that with each stroke I was pleased. And while he stroked Donte had made his way to my breasts while his hands cupped my ass. It almost felt like I was being lifted off the bed. While one twin stroked vertically the other licked only in the opposite directly. I called it the tri-69 position. I was the plank and they 69’d all over me.

We went on for the remainder of the night, with only short breaks in between before starting all over again. Each time the twin rotated, switching positions. Never did I think my wildest dreams would become my wildest reality.

I never forgot that night.

I still see Donte from time to time for our typical Friday night rendezvous. Only this time, it’s the Friday night double delight with Reebie on top (or bottom).

Double delight indeed.


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